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13 October 1974
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I am Montag, master of illusion. Defyer of the laws of reason. A magician, if you will. But then, what is a magician? A person who tears asunder your rules of logic and crumbles your world of reality? So you can go home and say: ‘Oh, what a clever trick there is. What a sly deceiver.’ And go to sleep in the security of your own real world.

What is real? Are you certain you know what reality is? How do you know that at this second you aren’t asleep in your bed, dreaming, but you are here in this theater?

I know it all seems too real. Well, hadn’t you ever had a dream that seemed so real so you woke up? Then again – how do you know that you ever really did wake up? In fact, perhaps, when you thought that you’d wake up you’d actually just begun to dream.

You see what I mean, don’t you? All your life, your past your rules of what can or can not be, may all be part of one long dream from which you are about to awaken … and discover the world as it really is.

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